With the Lamb of God

"With the Lamb of God" is a song that I wrote on June 14, 2009. Over the next few years, I will record the entire song and post it here on Saxtalk. What I post will include all of the chords changes, lyrics, and parts that I write for the saxophone and the other instruments. 

Here are the lyrics:

With Lamb of God (Version 1 from June 14, 2009)

Lyrics and Music by Rex Djere

Father, let me tell you something that you already knew,

How I pray that I’ll spend my eternal life next to you;

And some people might say that I can’t win,

But I can’t lose.

‘Cause the way you lived your life,

Showed there’s nothing that I cannot do…


Do you remember all the things that He said?

How His Son gave His life so that Paradise would lie ahead.

And your enemies might say that you can’t win,

But you can’t lose.

He’s waiting there for you,

And all you have to do is choose…


Choose to put your trust in Him.

Father, did you hear Him calling?

Did His hands steady your stance as you did your dance?

With the Lamb of God.


What did it feel like?

When you were dancing…

What did it feel like?

When you were dancing…

What did it feel like?

With the Lamb of God.


When I woke up this morning

I felt your spirit coming

And I knew you were up to something to get me jumping.

With the Lamb of God.


As I saw your spirit moving

And I knew that you were grooving

Hand-in-hand with the Son of Man as you did your dance.

With the Lamb of God.


And your heart shimmered golden like my mother’s wedding ring

I can’t wait to see all of the joy that your return brings.

©‌ ‌2009‌ ‌Rex‌ ‌Djere

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