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About Marian McPartland

Piano Jazz with Marian McPartland is one of my favorite shows of all time, and an easy-to-navigate index of the 700+ episodes that she hosted does not appear to exist, so I decided to start one. This is an absolutely not-for-profit project. I do this in deep appreciation of Marian McPartland's incredible contribution to jazz history.


(1.) This index is an independent project, and is in no way affiliated with National Public Radio (NPR).

(2.) This index is a work-in-progress. It will be continuously updated until all 700+ episodes are indexed. As such, the Episode #s will not correctly reflect the actual Episode numbers until the index is complete.

11978Piano Jazz 1978 episodes.
21979Piano Jazz 1979 episodes.
31980Piano Jazz 1980 episodes.
41981Piano Jazz 1981 episodes.
51982Piano Jazz 1982 episodes.
61983Piano Jazz 1983 episodes.
71984Piano Jazz 1984 episodes.
81985Piano Jazz 1985 episodes.
91986Piano Jazz 1986 episodes.
101987Piano Jazz 1987 episodes.
111988Piano Jazz 1988 episodes.
121989Piano Jazz 1989 episodes.
131990Piano Jazz 1990 episodes.
141991Piano Jazz 1991 episodes.
151992Piano Jazz 1992 episodes.
161993Piano Jazz 1993 episodes.
171994Piano Jazz 1994 episodes.
181995Piano Jazz 1995 episodes.
191996Piano Jazz 1996 episodes.
201997Piano Jazz 1997 episodes.
211998Piano Jazz 1998 episodes.
221999Piano Jazz 1999 episodes.
232000Piano Jazz 2000 episodes.
242001Piano Jazz 2001 episodes.
252002Piano Jazz 2002 episodes.
262003Piano Jazz 2003 episodes.
272004Piano Jazz 2004 episodes.
282005Piano Jazz 2005 episodes.
292006Piano Jazz 2006 episodes.
302007Piano Jazz 2007 episodes.
312008Piano Jazz 2008 episodes.
322009Piano Jazz 2009 episodes.
332010Piano Jazz 2010 episodes.
342011Piano Jazz 2011 episodes.
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