The Book of John is Poetic Truth, and Listening to it Every Day Brings Abundant Blessings, and Makes Life Easier

For years, I struggled trying to jump through the seemingly never-ending hoops that life presented to me. It seemed that no matter how hard I worked, I could never get ahead. Then, I began to realize that trying to do everything through my own power was a dead-end.

I believe that GOD is all-knowing, all-seeing, pure goodness, pure mercy, pure intellect, pure compassion and pure LOVE. HE has seen EVERY problem. HE has heard EVERY prayer. HE has experienced EVERY heartache. HE has experienced EVERY loss. HE has experienced EVERY suffering. EVERYTHING bad that you have experienced, GOD has experienced an infinite number of times. Yet HE remains positive and full of LOVE. In fact HE is LOVE.

So what I have learned is to put my COMPLETE faith in HIM. HE knows better than I do. I start each day with a prayer to HIM: "LORD, today I will put forth my best effort. Please help me to overcome things that are beyond my capabilities."

HE will hear your prayer, and HE will silently help you because HE loves you more than you will ever know. Just show faith in HIM. I listen to a chapter from the book of John every day because I believe that listening to it brings me closer to GOD. The words of the Book of John are poetic, and listening to them every day makes me a better person.

Actor Alexander Scourby (1913-1985) recorded the entire King James Bible, and I have found his voice to be particular comforting, and particularly soothing. Scourby recorded all 21 chapters of the Book of John, and I listen to one chapter every day. You can listen to the Book of John here.

GOD Bless you, GOD bless your family, and thank you sincerely for reading this article!!

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