Song Analysis 20201203 - Tom Scott - Lost in Love

Lost in Love is a beautiful song with a haunting melody that appeared as the 3rd track on Tom Scott's 1988 album Flashpoint. Today, I decided to practice this song on my Roland AE-10 wind synthesizer. My AE-10 was set to mimic an alto saxophone in E-flat.

Breaking Down "Lost in Love"

On alto sax, Lost in Love is centered on the pitch of G with 1 flat: B-Flat:

G A Bb C D E F G (G Dorian)

This is the Dorian mode starting on G.  You can use the G Dorian mode to improvise throughout the song, but we are going to analyze it further to see if there are any other scales that we can use to add "color" to our playing on this song.

The bridge of the song implies a key change: I think that the E in the scale shifts to an E-flat, but the scale is still rooted on G. So we shift from G Dorian to G Aeolian, which is the same as G minor. It sounds to me like you can switch back and forth between the E and E-flat at will.

G A Bb C D Eb F G (G Aeolian)

As I improvised on Lost in Love: I tried a G Hexatonic Blues on top of its chord changes: it sounded fantastic!

G Bb C Db D F G (G hexatonic blues)

You can practice all of the scales that I used today:

Here are Tom Scott and his band performing Lost in Love:

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