Smoking Remote Session: David Sanborn  Hosts and Plays with Joey DeFrancesco, Michael Gayle, and Billy Kilson

I am a fan of all of the musicians in this group, and I was REALLY impressed by the musicianship, and the conversation was like listening to a group of experienced wise sages. 

Here is all of the respective data on this incredible video:

  • Alto saxophone phenom and episode host: David Sanborn
  • Guest on the Hammond B-3 Organ: Joy Francesco
  • Keyboards: Michael Gayle
  • Drums: Billy Kilson
  • Recording Engineer: Alice Soyer
  • Music Mix/Video Edit: Jonathan Duckett
  • Executive Producers:
    • David Sanborn
    • Steve Friedman
    • Noah Friedman
  • Associate Producer: Sallie Sanborn

Here is the video. Enjoy!

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