Prolonging the Life of Your Saxophone Pads with Key Leaves

I recently purchased Key Leaves for my alto saxophone after learning about them in a YouTube Video where the inventor talked about his invention. Key Leaves are built on a patented technology, and they help to keep your saxophone's pads dry after you are finished playing. Most of the saxophone's keys are open when at rest, however, a few of the saxophone's keys are closed-by-default. This is problematic because sugar from your saliva tends to promote the growth of bacteria, and the sugar can cause the closed-by-default pads to become sticky. This is particularly problematic with the G# key, which is actuated using the left pinky.

Key Leaves solve the sticky pad problem by propping some of the keys open that are normally closed when the saxophone is not in use. Key Leaves are a fantastic product, and the company actually makes a suite of products that help to lengthen the life of your pads, and to stop pads from sticking. Here are all of the products that I purchased from Key Leaves to help to take care of my saxophone's pads:

  1. Key Leaves sax key props : I purchased one of these to prop open my G# and C# keys. These are the two keys that the Key Leaves are designed to prop open, but I did some experimenting, and I'm going to buy a second set of Key Leaves to keep the two keys directly below my octave key open as well.
  2. Spit Sponge: I bought two of these to keep the three keys on the back of the saxophone below the octave key shut. The split sponges are pretty big, so I cut one of them in half so that I had 3 pieces: 1 for each of the 3 keys. When my second Key Leaf arrives, I'm going to use it for 2 of these 3 keys, leaving only 1 key using the Spit Sponge.
  3. The final product that I purchased is the Vent Vine: The Vent is used to slightly prop open all of the palm keys that are shut-by-default.

Key Leaves produces some great products, and they should help to significantly extend the life of your saxophone's pads. did a fantastic interview with Mr. Rulon Brown, the founder of Key Leaves, at NAMM 2020. This video is the one that I stumbled upon that introduced the to Key Leaves products:

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