Preview Post: Harmonic Etude 1 in the Key of D

Hello everyone!

I normally post all of the Saxtalk etudes in sequence after I record and master them, but I decided to make an exception for this one. Today, I recorded Harmonic Etude 1 in the key of D, and I was every surprised, and very proud of how it came out.

The Final Track on LBRY:

The Backing Track on LBRY:

The Final Track on Soundcloud:

Rex Djere · harmonic_exercise_00000001_04_D.mscz_normalized_FINAL.mp3

The Backing Track on Soundcloud:

Rex Djere · harmonic_exercise_00000001_04_D.mscz_normalized.mp3

The Score on Musescore:

harmonic exercise 00000001 04 D no melody by Rex Djere

Download the Score here:




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