Non-Saxophone-Related Articles Written by Rex Djere

Non-Saxophone-Related Articles Written by Rex Djere:

  1. Bringing Jobs to Poor United States Communities by Tying the U.S. Corporate Tax Rate to the U.S. Unemployment Rate
  2. Helping Musicians to Better Internalize Musical Learning with Colored Scales
  3. The Book of John is Poetic Truth, and Listening to it Every Day Brings Abundant Blessings, and Makes Life Easier
  4. Enhancing Your Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Health by Focusing on the Positive Signals, and Ignoring the Noise
  5. What GNU/Linux and Free Software/Open-Source Software Teach Us About Forming Mutually Beneficial Symbiotic Relationships with Employees
  6. Writing An Immutable Social Contract Between A Company And Its Employees, And Submitting That Ethical Contract To A Decentralized Blockchain
  7. How Different Would Humanity Be If All 2.2 Billion Children On Earth Could Spend 15,000 Hours Developing Their God-Given Gifts Like Charlie Parker Did
  8. Solving the “Lack of Diversity at the Top” Problem Via A Random Lottery Promotion Process