Kudos to Saxophonist Daniel Chia, Singer Miss Lou, and Grammy-Award Winning Saxophonist Eric Marienthal: A Discussion on Music and Spirituality

Daniel Chia

Daniel Chia is a fantastic saxophonist who is home-based in Singapore. He has an incredible video blog where he discusses music, and plays along with other artists. You can find out more about Daniel here.

Miss Lou

Miss Lou (also known as Lou Peixin) is a great singer who is home-based in Singapore. She has recorded extensively, and in 2016 she won an award called the Noise Award. You can learn more about Ms. Lou here.

Eric Marienthal

Eric Marienthal is a spectacularly talented saxophonist who has been nominated for 8 Grammy Awards, and has won 2 Grammy Awards. He has recorded extensively in very diverse musical genres. He is widely considered to be an absolute master of the saxophone. You can learn more about Eric here.

A Deep Discussion of Spirituality with Daniel, Lou, and Eric

God is the Creator of the universe, and He deserves ALL of the glory, ALL of the honor, and ALL of the praise for everything that He has created and done. In a world that strives and fails to be secular, and to do everything without God, it is refreshing to hear people openly say "I believe in God, I love Him, and I thank Him for everything that He has done for me".

For a long time, I suspected that Eric Marienthal was a man of God. I could sense it in the way that he behaved, and in the way that he carried himself. I could also hear it in his saxophone playing.

I was blessed to have discovered a video in which Daniel Chia, Miss Lou, and Eric Marienthal discuss their beliefs, and I found hearing them talk so openly about their beliefs to be very uplifting and very encouraging.

I sincerely hope that you are as uplifted watching this video as I was. Enjoy!!

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