In my opinion, every saxophonist should watch saxophone repair videos on YouTube, and develop as much expertise in saxophone repair as possible. Stohrer Music is a great source of saxophone repair knowledge.

A good saxophone repair person is like a saxophone doctor who can diagnose a plethora of saxophone problems. A professional saxophonist makes a living playing the saxophone, and I believe that a good saxophonist should be an expert in more than just reading music or improvising on the saxophone. A good saxophonist should also have a great deal of expertise on the physics and technical aspects of the saxophone's mechanisms.

We like in an incredible time where so much information is available for free on the Internet. A few months ago, I subscribed to the Stohrer Music channel on YouTube. Stohrer Music is owned by Mr. Matt Stohrer, a professional saxophone repairman. Matt's videos are EXTREMELY informative, and I am slowly trying to watch all of them so that I can gain more expertise in the technical aspects of the saxophone, and specifically several aspects of saxophone repair.

I try to watch at least one of Matt Stohrer's every week.Today, I watched this Stohrer Music YouTube video on sizing saxophone pads prior to replacement:

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