I gave my saxophone tone more resonance by pushing my ligature forward on my Otto link mouthpiece.

I play alto saxophone, and since the early 2000s, my reed of choice has been #3 Fibracell synthetic reeds. Recently, I switched from a Yanagisawa metal mouthpiece with a 5 tip opening, to an Otto Link OLM-402-7S, which has a 7 tip  opening. To be honest, I haven't noticed much of a difference between the two mouthpieces, but recently, I discovered a trick that GREATLY increased the resonance of my sound.

I was sitting at my desk after a saxophone practice session just looking at my Otto Link mouthpiece with the reed and ligature still attached. Then, it occurred to me that if I push the ligature all of the way forward on my mouthpiece (towards the mouthpiece's large opening: to your left in the photographs below), a greater percentage of the body of the Fibracell reed would vibrate. I did a play test after pushing the ligature forward, as shown in the photographs below.


Oh my God!!! The difference between the resonance of my sound with the normal ligature position, and the "ligature-pushed-forward" position, was like night and day. With the ligature pushed forward, the reed vibrated like crazy, and I could feel the vibration all throughout the horn, all the way down to my fingertips on the saxophone's keys.

I also noticed that the altissimo notes seemed to come out easier, and they seemed to "speak" better.

Another quick tip: David Sanborn likes to leave all of the screws on his saxophone backed off a little bit from the fully tightened position so that they vibrate, adding to the resonance of his sound. I have a similar trick: I have two heavy mass screws (from Meridian Winds) in my saxophone's neck: I don't tighten the heavy mass screws all of the way: I leave them a little bit loose so that they vibrate a little bit, adding some resonance to my saxophone's sound.

I hold that this article helps you to develop a more resonant tone on your saxophone.

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