Helping Saxophonists to Build Mental Speed AND Accuracy with the Klavaro Typing Tutor Program

Klavaro is a powerful typing tutor program that is completely free and completely open-source. Klavaro is bundled for several different computer operating systems:

  1. GNU/Linux
  2. OpenBSD
  3. FreeBSD
  4. MacOS
  5. Windows

Klavaro allows its user to develop accuracy and speed in typing by practicing short typing tutorials. I believe that Klavaro is best used for DAILY typing practice. Typing requires hand-eye-coordination, as does sight-reading music. I believe that the same areas of the brain are stimulated by both activities, so practicing typing should theoretically help one to become a better sight-reader.  Practicing typing builds strength in coordinating the movements of the hands and fingers with visual stimuli on a sheet of paper, or on a computer screen.

My goal when I practice typing in Klavaro is perfection. When Klavaro presents me with a typing test, my goal is 100% accuracy. So I slow down as much as I need to to complete the exercise without making mistakes. When I practice sight-reading, I use the exact same approach as my approach in Klavaro. Here is a Klavaro session that I completed:

Figure 1: A Short Typing Tutor Session in Klavaro

If I had tried the finish the exercise in less than 1 minute and 42 seconds, I might have made a mistake. So in this attempt, 1 minute and 42 seconds was the perfect amount of time for me to attain a perfect score. As I practice over time, the elapsed times should slowly drop naturally. As I continue to practice, I will never change the fundamental goal: the goal will ALWAYS be 100% accuracy: no mistakes.

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