Etude 9 has been added to 10,000 Rhythmic Etudes for Saxophone in all Keys.

10,000 Rhythmic Etudes for Saxophone in all Keys is a slow moving project: I will add more etudes to it as time allows. I plan on it being a multi-years-long project: even if I don't complete 10,000 etudes, I will continuously add to it because it is the tool that I wish that I had in my early formative years as a saxophonist: a book containing hundreds of etudes in all keys.

I believe that practicing sight-reading EVERYTHING with a metronome, and practicing sight-reading EVERYTHING in all keys are the first two pillars of becoming a very good, and perhaps even great, saxophonist. The third pillar, in my opinion, is to do extensive ear training by listening to a lot of music, and trying to mimic what you hear using your ears alone.

Now, back to the new etude. I have added Etude 9 to the 10,000 Etudes book, and it is the first etude that requires the use of altissimo fingerings. I have found two very good online resources for altissimo saxophone fingerings (you can find both very quickly with a Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo search):

  1. "Altissimo Fingerings for Alto Saxophone" by Christopher Barrick.
  2. "Altissimo Fingerings for Alto and Tenor Saxophones":

You can download the latest revision of the 10,000 Etudes book from the link on's homepage.

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