Enhancing Your Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Health by Focusing on the Positive Signals, and Ignoring the Noise

Executive Summary

Success is the art of learning how to tune out spiritual, mental, and physical noise, and learning to focus on the positive signals. The Bible’s Book of John is an excellent tool for learning how to focus on positive spiritual and mental signals. In this article, I will share with you how I learned to focus on positive spiritual, mental, and physical signals.

Focusing on the Positive Spiritual and Mental Signals

The Bible’s Book of John is poetic: it is eloquently and masterfully written. I listen to one chapter of the Book of John every day. The Book of John is very positive, and very affirming, so listening to it every day is my way of focusing on the positive spiritual and mental signals. Reading the Book of John helps to bring me closer to GOD. The Book of John helps me to continuously think positive and affirming thoughts. It helps me to be kind and generous to other people. It helps me to be forgiving of those who offend me. It teaches me to be kind and loving to those who consider me their enemy.

Focusing on the Physical Signals

I believe that GOD gave each of us exactly one life, and exactly one body. That one body is under our stewardship, and it is our assignment to keep that one body healthy. The world is full of noise, so I try to tune out that noise, and focus directly on the positive signals that will help me to keep my body healthy. I break this task up into several individual signals:

Signal 1: the nutritional signal. The late Dr. Ellsworth Wareham (born October 3, 1914; died December 15, 2018) taught me that the healthiest diet to ensure my longevity is the vegan diet. This video explains Dr. Wareham’s philosophy far better than I could.

Signal 2: the working out signal. Life is inherently complex: I try to make life inherently simple. There are an infinite number of daily exercises that I could do: I simplified it to two: (1) working out on an elliptical machine for one hour per day (2) lifting two 7-gallon jugs, each filled with 62 pounds of water, throughout the day. As I am working throughout the day, I take breaks where I go over to the 62-pound water-filled jugs, and I lift them several times. In a day, I might get in 100 reps, or more.

You can buy these jugs here.

Thank you for visiting, and thank you for reading this article!! I sincerely hope that it inspires you to start focusing on the signals, and ignoring the noise.

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