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About Saxtalk:

Goals and Core Values:

  1. Become a little bit better on the saxophone every day
  2. Keep the Saxtalk lessons, etudes, and songs free and open source forever
  3. Encourage aspiring saxophonists, and help them to achieve their dreams and their full potential


About Donations and the Brave Web Browser:

  • relies on donations to keep running.
  • is a Brave Verified Content Creator.
  • If you enjoy the material hosted on, please consider:
    • Switching to the Brave browser:
    • Sending small donations to Saxtalk via Brave.

Saxtalk on the Internet:

  1. Reddit:
  2. LBRY:
  3. Patreon:


About the Philosophy behind Saxtalk:

I am a longtime GNU/Linux user (CentOS and Fedora), and I am a proud member of the GNU/Linux community. I am an avid supporter of free software and open-source software:

I long ago internalized the spirit and philosophies of Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS), and they inform everything that I do here on Saxtalk. Every etude and song on Saxtalk is written by me, and they are all released under a very permissive Creative Commons license, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0):

Please enjoy Saxtalk! It will remain a completely free resource for developing saxophonists forever.

The Free/Open-Source Software behind

  1. I am an extremely strong proponent of Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS). I have used FOSS extensively since about 2001, the year  that I switched from Windows to GNU/LInux.
  2. is powered by the open-source content management system known as Publii:
  3. runs on a Digital Ocean droplet running Ubuntu GNU/Linux:, and at home, I use CentOS GNU/Linux:
  4. For music creation, I use two very powerful open-source programs: Musescore and Audacity: and The only piece of proprietary music software that I use is Band-in-a-Box:
  5. For web development and testing (i.e. for refining the Alto Saxophone Fingering Charts web page), I use two very powerful open-source programs: the Bluefish Editor and the Brave Web browser: and
  6. Finally, for decentralized file hosting I use IPFS and Pinata: and



This article was updated on October 27, 2020