BbMaj7 chord

What are all of the permutations/inversions of a Bb Major  7 chord? Include all slash chords.

A B♭ Major 7 chord (B♭maj7) consists of the notes B♭, D, F, and A. To find all the permutations and inversions of this chord, including slash chords, we'll consider each note as a potential bass note.

  1. Root Position and Permutations:

    • B♭maj7 (Root Position): B♭, D, F, A
    • Permutations: B♭, D, A, F | B♭, F, D, A | B♭, F, A, D | B♭, A, D, F | B♭, A, F, D
  2. First Inversion and Permutations:

    • B♭maj7/D (First Inversion): D, B♭, F, A
    • Permutations: D, B♭, A, F | D, F, B♭, A | D, F, A, B♭ | D, A, B♭, F | D, A, F, B♭
  3. Second Inversion and Permutations:

    • B♭maj7/F (Second Inversion): F, B♭, D, A
    • Permutations: F, B♭, A, D | F, D, B♭, A | F, D, A, B♭ | F, A, B♭, D | F, A, D, B♭
  4. Third Inversion and Permutations:

    • B♭maj7/A (Third Inversion): A, B♭, D, F
    • Permutations: A, B♭, F, D | A, D, B♭, F | A, D, F, B♭ | A, F, B♭, D | A, F, D, B♭

Each of these chords can be played in various positions on a keyboard or guitar, and the permutations represent different voicings of the same chord. Voicing refers to how the notes are stacked or distributed, which can affect the chord's sound and character.

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