About Klavaro

Klavaro is a Free Software computer program that is a touch typing tutor. I run Klavaro on my Pop!_OS Linux computer system, and I use it to increase my hand-to-eye coordination so that I can slowly become a better saxophonist.

How I use Klavaro

On a daily basis, I take a short typing test in Klavaro. The test typically takes lest than 10 minutes. The test is strictly pass or fail: if I type everything correctly (no errors at all), then I pass the test. If I make one or more mistakes, then I fail the test. Whether I pass or fail, I only take the typing test in Klavaro once per day.

The goal of taking a daily typing test in Klavaro is to increase my ACCURACY. I am not really concerned with speed because speed comes naturally with a lot of practice (when I practice, I have the 10,000 hours of practice threshold discussed in Malcolm Gladwell's book "Outliers: The Story of Success" in mind).

You can learn more about Klavaro here.

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