A Review of the YDS-150 Yamaha Digital Saxophone

I  own a traditional analog saxophone made by Selmer, and I also own a Rowland AE-10 digital wind instrument. The Rowland AE-10 is a fantastic instrument, and it allows me to practice for hours without disturbing anyone. However, the world of digital wind instruments is very competitive, and new products are constantly being released. In 2020, Yamaha released a new digital wind instrument called the YDS-150. The YDS-150 look like a very compelling instrument, and I may consider adding one to my collection in the future. Several years ago, I owned a digital wind instrument by Yamaha called the WX-5. It was very well manufactured, so I believe that the YDS-150 is probably very well made as well.

Today, I found a very comprehensive review of the Yamaha YDS-150. I was very impressed with the review and demo, so I decided to post it here. Enjoy!

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